Participate 1-Character Traits

digitizenshipResearch: I began researching using the resources tab within the module. I looked through ISTE, Common Sense Media, and Microsoft Safety & Security. While perusing the website I had different feelings about each one.

  • ISTE: I thought this website had a WEALTH of informationi on technology standards for teachers. It discussed the ways in which the job of a teacher is changing due to all the advances in technology. There were connections to professional learning networks, tech resources, and the ability to join the ISTE network. This site is best for educators.
  • Common Sense Media: I thought this website initially was more appealing to the eye. After I started looking through the website, I decided this is a phenomenal website for parents! A parent or teacher could go to this website and filter through all types of media including movies, books, websites, etc… There are links to blogs on different topics. One of the greatest portions of this website is the Latino section. This is fantastic for the school in which I teach because we have 81% Hispanic students. I cannot wait to share this with parents.
  • Microsoft Safety & Security: This resources was a little too “techy” for me. The information was valuable, but I felt like the level was too high for all stakeholders to use it. There were some good resources within the YouthSpark Hub for educators and parents. Anyone using this site would have to spend some time “finding” what they need or want.

Create: Digital Citizenship: There are many character traits to being a good digital citizen.

digital citizen poster

Answer: The three character traits of a good digital citizen that I have found to be the most impressive are: being respectful, intelligent, safe & private.

The number one character trait for being a good digital citizen is being respectful. Our students get online multiple times each day. Each time they login a teacher or adult may not be around. They have to remember that anything they post/say online needs to be respectful. It needs to be respectful of themselves and others.

The second trait for being a good digital citizen is being intelligent. A student needs to think about EVERYTHING they do when they are online. They must think about the websites they visit, the games they play, the people they talk to, the things they buy, and the things they post. Horrible things can happen if a student isn’t intelligent with such a powerful tool as the internet in their hands.

The third trait for a being a good digital citizen is being safe and private. When students visit social media sites and other interactive sites they come into contact with good people and bad. This is something that cannot be avoided so students must know how to be safe and private. They should never contact people from offline by phone or in person.

These three character traits are worthy of recognizing and emulating by all students because they are necessary to be good digital citizens at school, home, and in the world. Students need these character traits because they are not always going to be with someone else that can help them make good choices. The internet is so powerful! It holds all the information and knowledge a student could ever need and it is right at their fingertips, but if it is used incorrectly students will suffer.

Check out this video about being a Super Digital Citizen (copied from Common Sense Media):


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