Participate 4- Digital Rights and Responsibilities

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Artifact: An educational digital learning community needs to be a safe environment for teachers, students, parents, and any other stakeholders using the internet. As I looked through the resources available throuh the “Digital Rights and Responsibilities” module I found several things to be necessary for a DLC. I found three things to be absolutely necessary within a DLC: an up-to-date AUP, knowledge of copyrights and fair use, and Creative Commons. These things will make up a huge part of a DLC and if handled appropriately will help the community to thrive.


  1. A DLC can protect its members by requiring all members to sign an AUP. The AUP needs to be up-to-date and valid for the DLC it is protecting. If a DLC is geared more toward younger user then the AUP needs to be written in parent/student friendly language that is easy to understand. It needs to be signed by both parent and student. There also needs to be an opportunity for parents and students to ask questions about the AUP if they do not completely understand something found in the agreement. Guidelines for what happens if the AUP is not followed should be discussed prior to signing the AUP. To aid in maintaining a useful AUP, there needs to be resources within the DLC that are easily accessible for users to learn about copyright laws, Fair Use, and Creative Commons. Sometimes laws are broken and the person doing it doesn’t know they have done it in the first place. A huge role of the DLC is to educate users on how to appropriate function within the community.
  2. The best way to maintain a DLC is too regularly monitor the content on the website to make sure that the AUP is being followed. Simply having someone sign a document, whether it be hard copy or digital, is not enough. If content is inappropriate or copyrights are broken contact needs to be made between the creator of the DLC and the party in question. If a person is new to a DLC they will explore the community to get a sense of what is and is not acceptable. If unacceptable things are found then the DLC will dwindle.



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