Participate 4- Digital Health

Create: a digital calendar


Answer: I modified my technology habits by increasing the amount of movement in my day to day activities, reminding myself to sit up straight, and took two days off on Saturday and Sunday to be tech free. It’s unreal how much time I spend on the computer in my day to day job activities. Putting breaks in intentionally brings it to the forefront of my mind.

I think the most important means of being proactive and keeping a balanced blend of techology and well-being is by taking days off away from technology. This can be almost impossible, but it can be done. I put my cell phone away at dinner time, during meetings, and when I am with a group of people.

Teachers can ensure good digital health for their students by mixing up the types of lessons they are preparing for their students. There needs to be a good mixture of online work and one-on-one discussion with classmates. Students need to learn how to socialize with others.


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