Participate Reflection

The Participate module gave me a wealth of knowledge to prepare me to meet standards C, E, and J for Quality Online Teaching such as learning about:

I feel more prepared where digital learning is involved. Being a Level 2 Google Certified Educator made me think that I knew all there was to know about online learning. I was wrong. I had no idea that so many things went into online Netiquette and just the responsibility of utilizing the internet as a teacher, student, and parent.

I will take away many strategies that I will apply in my teaching. One of the first things I will do is create a digital and print copy of a Netiquette poster. I think this is a good reminder for teachers, students, and parents. Secondly, I will check AUPs more closely and make sure that they are adhered to within the classroom. Thirdly, I will work more diligently to ensure that my students know how to stay safe and secure on the internet.

There were several lessons that I found beneficial.”Collecting Reputable Sources” was beneficial because it is helpful for me and the students. “Digital Resources and Netiquette” was beneficial because it provides myself and students a guide to online activity. “Digital Health” was beneficial because it just isn’t something you think about too often. The most beneficial module was “Digital Safety & Security” because it showed me how to keep myself safe and the students within my classroom.



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