Navigate 1- Synchronous Vendor Market

Explore: I chose to explore Google+ Hangouts more in depth. I worked with the application for about 30-45 minutes just pressing buttons and keys to see what the capabilities were before really diving intoo the application. I encouraged two of my colleagues to join a hangout with me so I could actually see it in interactive mode. After that trial run, I feel this would be the perfect application to use to host a live lesson with students. I would be able to see them, hear them, and chat. It is also user friendly to all ages in my opinion. All I would need to do is invite them digitally, they join the hangout, and voila we are on the road to synchronous learning.

Answer: I chose Google+ Hangouts as my synchronous vendor application/tool. I experienced it to be user friendly, but you can’t record just a simple Google+ Hangout. However, you can record a Google+ Hangout “On Air.” My first impression was this is an easy application to navigate. I had no issues starting the hangout or adding people. I was able to use written and verbal commands. There were simple commands that led me through the actual set-up and beginning of the hangout. You can post a poll, tag your location, add links, and pictures. I can foresee only two challenges or problems. One there is a possibility of someone on the Google+ Hangout On Air having poor internet connection which would cause the synchronous session to be difficult. They could default to just using the chat option if necessary. The second challenge could be getting all the students on at the same time. Luckily, each Hangout On Air can be recorded and saved to my Youtube channel for later reference if someone doesn’t join.



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