Navigate 1- Screen Capture

Explore: My first observation during my exploration is to make sure I have a good microphone/headset or just a good microphone that is functional. it took me several tries to work out my technical difficulties with the mic. Once that was squared away I first tried Screencast-o-matic. It is quite simple to edit recordings and upload them to YouTube. There are not a lot of buttons necessary for the program and everything is clearly labeled. I attempted to use Explain Everything next, but unfortunately I am on a desktop and it is not free for PC. So I moved on to Jing. Once it was downloaded an icon rests at the top of the screen with three smaller menus for capture, history, and more. The actual process of capturing video and sound wasn’t difficult, but the processing of saving was a bit tedious. I have chosen to create using Screencast-o-matic.

Create: Educational Concept: Sharing a Google Document w/ Teacher (Prepared using Screencast-o-matic)


Answer: Screen capturing fuctions to create a real classroom environment for online learners. An online teacher can sit down at their laptop, open up Google Draw, and demonstrate anything from math concepts to editing marks with visuals and audio. Lessons can be recorded while being taught and viewed later if a student still has questions. A teacher can use screen capturing to modify teaching methods through differentiation. If a teacher sees many students having or making the same mistakes on a certain concept remediation could be completed by making a new screen capturing teaching it a different way. On the other end of the spectrum, a student may need enrichment which could also occur through another screencast. Screen capturing essentially lets a teacher differentiate for all the learners within a digital learning community.


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