Navigate 2- Roles: Learning Management System and Student Information System

Explore: Through my exploration of a Learning Management System, I learned that it is multi-fauceted. After I reviewed each individual role, I envisioned in my head a pyramid that built upon itself until it reached the student. At the bottom were the core components upon which the system builds: LMS Administration, Course Developer, and Instructional Administration (facilitation). These three things seemed to be the foundation for the digital learning platform. Without them, the platform would not exist or function. Then comes the second level with: Organizational Data Analysis and Teachers (SIS). These two sections can do their job effectively because of the base level that provides them with materials, guidelines, policies, and coursework. At the top are the students. They reap the benefits from a well oiled Learning Management System with a strong foundation because they receive instruction which is data driven and presented with best practices in mind for a digital learning community.

Create/Artifact: At the link below, see my digital resource that highlights the various roles in a learning management system.





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