Navigate 3- Course Creation within LMS

Explore: I wasn’t familiar with any of the course creation software so I briefly previewed each for a few minutes. I ended up downloading all of them in some shape, form, or fashion until I found one that was compatible with the package upload I was to use. I ended up choosing Haiku because several of them uploaded the package, but with many errors. Creating the course shell was simple. I just had to name it and give it a course code. Voila! It was created!

Create/Answer: I first had to create a class within Haiku before I uploaded the entire course package titled “Introducation to Digital Citizenship.” I had to give it a class name and class code. Then, Haiku created a class URL for me. I then had to write a brief summary of the class. Optional components were available such as calendar, comments, and messaging. Then, you can create a schedule for the class or not. I then simply went to “Add Content” and uploaded the zipped package. After the content loaded, it approximately five minutes for the content to become available. The process was easy and the steps I described were simple. I would think that following the steps is very important so the content will upload appropriately. I worked with a few of the other sites: Blackboard, Schoology, and D2L. I became frustrated with them because the content would upload, but it was always with errors. The process to upload was easy, but the result was not correct.




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