Navigate 3- LMS Reporting

Explore: Consider the LMS explored.

Answer: There are several options in an LMS for reporting and analytics. There are four levels at which reporting can be completed: student, teacher, course, and program. I feel that teacher level and program level would be more beneficial to the administrative section of an LMS. It would enable them to keep up with teacher and program performance which will indirectly effect student performance. I believe the two levels that would be the most important and have the most impact to an online instructor in regard to student performance would be the student level and the course level. Student level grade reporting is necessary in a regular classroom as well as an online classroom. Teachers must inform students and parents about how they are doing on the content in their classes. Teachers can look at the student level data as a whole. If they see an issue with grades on certain content they can move to the course level content. The course level content can help a teache evaluate the content they are teaching or possibly re-design all or some of a course. This could include just an assessment or the materials being presented to the students. All levels of reporting are important aspects to keep an LMS running effectively for all stakeholders involved.


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