Navigate Reflection

The Navigate module gave me a wealth of knowledge to prepare me to meet standards B, I, and K for Quality Online Teaching such as learning about:

In reference to standard B, I feel the Navigate module really enhanced my knowledge of technologies involving types asynchronous and synchronous learning along with LMSs and SISs. Learning about the two different types of online learning enabled me to really think about what type of learning I would be most comfortable facilitating. Then, being able to see the tools and trends in LMSs and SISs really gave me insight into what online learning entails for all stakeholders, but especially the teacher facilitator.

In reference to standard I, I feel the Navigate module helped to show me the different resources and tools that an online teacher facilitator can utilize in using data to drive instruction and guide student learning. The specific videos within the modules from D2L were helpful in letting me see exactly what the teacher facilitators side of the data would look like in an SIS.

I had the most trouble with standard K. When attempting to choose an LMS that I could easily upload a course package to I became frustrated because many of the platforms did not support the data files I was trying to upload. Fortunately, once I found an LMS that supported the package the process was very simple. Through exploring the different LMSs I have found the ones that I would prefer using and the ones that I prefer not to use in the future. I am glad that I was able to do this exploration on the front end of my training for online learning because it will save me a lot of time in the future.

The strategies that I will take away from the Navigate modules were all found within the Delineating Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning module. This is where I learned the difference between the two types of online learning. I see my online learning experience being a possible hybrid between the two types. I would like to have some aspects of synchronous learning by holding Google+ Hangouts where all students will join at the same time and be a part of a lesson/discussion. I would also like to have my course pre-set with assignments and tasks that can be completed at a time of the students choosing allowing them asynchronous learning opportunities. I would have a Google+ Hangout that would coincide with each asynchronous learning assignment so I could formatively assess what students are learning and what they are having trouble with in the lessons.

The lessons that were most beneficial were:

  • Delineating Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning because I was able to learn about the two types of online learning allowing me to make a decision about the type of learning I want to provide to my online learners.
  • Roles in LMSs and SISs because I was able to learn about the different aspects I would be responsible for within both. It also taught me about how the different parts of each are necessary for a LMS to function properly.
  • Course Creation within LMS allowed me to explore the different options and work through the possible choices I might use. I was able to try many of them and now I know which onces I am willing to use and willing to not use.

All of the lessons were valuable, but these were the three that I found the most information in that will directly effect my online classroom environment.


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